The requirements to apply for an ICP

There seems to be some misconceptions with regard to the exact requirements one should meet in order to register for the International Certificate for Pleasure craft or ICP.


The presumed requirements

On number of different websites of colleagues of ours, they state that in order to apply for an ICP your boat will have to meet a number of technical requirements.

They claim that for a boat to be able to obtain the International Certificate for Pleasure craft the vessel needs to be equipped with : nautical instruments, such as a compass, boat horn and magnetic compass; armament such as an anchor, bilge pump, waterproof electrical torch, boat hook, etc.; and last but not least life-jackets, lifebuoy, flares and a waterproof first aid kit.

On some websites you will find that declaration of conformities, proof of cancellation of previous boat registry, etc. are a requirement in order to be able to register your boat for a Dutch flag certificate. Although it is strongly recommended that you do cancel the registration as very high fines are issued if your yacht is registered in two registrars at the same time.

None of the above is actually a requirement in the sense that it is compulsory, although it would be more than sensible to follow some of these presumed requirements. An extra life-jacket, anchor or first aid kit never hurt anybody!


What are the exact requirements in order to apply for a Dutch flag certificate (ICP)

The actually requirements to obtain an ICP are fairly simple and straightforward.

  1. owner of the boat needs to hold a EU or EFTA passport or ID card, or non EU passport holders a permanent residence permit.
  2. the boat does not exceed 24 meters in length
  3. the home-port is situated within the borders of the EU or any of the EFTA countries
  4. the boat is not used for commercial purposes

Your boat does not have to meet any technical requirements, you do not need to have any inspections conducted, none of that at all. The conditions as stated here above is all that is required, nothing more, nothing less.