Ship Station Licence

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The ship station licence is only meant for vessels registered in the Netherlands. Because it was not too complicated to apply for a ship station licence, ship station licence were applied for and issued for vessels that were not even registered in the Netherlands.   For example yachts sailing under the Delaware flag were sailing with a Netherlands issued CallSign, MMSI and ATIS.   Because of the misuse of the loophole, The Netherlands Ministry of Economical and Climate
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Many of our clients who sail outside of the territorial waters desire a ship station licence. The ship station licince consists of a Call Sign, ATIS number and Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number. The MMSI number is a radio frequency number consistent of nine digits in total. The MMSI number is programmed in communication devices such as EPIRBs fitted with an AIS transmitter, search & rescue transponders, etc. The MMSI number is a unique number through which a ship can be
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ATIS stands for Automatic Transmitter Identification System and is a marine VHF radio system that is only used on inland waterways within the borders of Europe.   One can identify a vessel through its ATIS number. In practise the ATIS number is sent digitally after that the radio operator finishes talking by releasing the receivers push-to-talk button.   An ATIS number is automatically issued when apply for a ship station licence, even if you do not make use of any inland
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In the Netherlands a ship station licence can only be issued to vessels that : primarily sail the Dutch waters sail international waters when registered in the formal Dutch ships register   When the boat does meet any of the above criteria, one can not apply for the ship station licence.   The ship station licence of the Netherlands consists of a : Call Sign number ATIS number MMSI number   The ship station licence is issued by the Telecom
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The following types of maritime transmission equipment can be registered in the ship station licence of the Netherlands :   VHF Portophone VHF AIS AIS SART EPIRB Inmarsat A Inmarsat B Inmarsat C Inmarsat F Inmarsat M MGKG Portophone GMDSS Portophone UHF Radar S-band Radar X-band SART RTE DSC Receiver HF DPT NAVTEX EGC