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One of the more expensive investments you make, that actually offer no pleasurable experience at all like new sails do or a new or refurbished engine does, is the purchase of a liferaft. You can not play around with it and it adds nothing extra to the experience of sailing. No none of that, but without a doubt it is one of the most important safety features a sea going vessel should have on-board.   Which countries in Europe demand you have a liferaft on-board? In countries around the
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It is very important to have the right safety equipment on board to enjoy your time out on the water.   The equipment you should have on board depends on the type of boat and your cruising area. The brochure Safe Boating! Contains a checklist to help you decide what you should have on board in different situations.   The content was originally published in the Dutch language by of Varen doe je samen! and was translated into English by Lorrendraaier.   Download