Who can apply?

The ship station licence is only meant for vessels registered in the Netherlands. Because it was not too complicated to apply for a ship station licence, ship station licence were applied for and issued for vessels that were not even registered in the Netherlands.


For example yachts sailing under the Delaware flag were sailing with a Netherlands issued CallSign, MMSI and ATIS.


Because of the misuse of the loophole, The Netherlands Ministry of Economical and Climate Affairs, has proposed a change in the legislation of frequency space with notification obligation.


The new law stipulates that in order to apply or maintain a ship station licence a vessel has to be:

  • registered in the ships registrar of the Netherlands, which is managed by the Kadaster (OR)
  • owned by a resident of the Netherlands (OR)
  • owned by a company registered in the Netherlands (OR)
  • owned by a Netherlands passport holder

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