The ICP registration procedure
The ICP registration procedure is fairly simple and straightforward, if you have all the required documents available.


Step -1-  Documentation

In order to process your ICP application, you will need to provide the following documents :

  • digital copy of your ID card or passport – make sure the ID card or passport is still valid!
  • digital copy of the original flag certificate (and/or) purchase contract or invoice (and/or) insurance policy and proof of payment
  • digital copy of your company registrations, in case the yacht is owned by your company



Step -2-  Registration Form

In Registrations Form (Form A1) you have to state all information on the boat. Basics such as owners details, measurements of the boat, type of engine, etc. Make sure that all stated information correspondence with details as mentioned in the documents you supply.

A typo in, for example, the hull number, will cause additional delays when this needs to be corrected.



Step -3-  Declaration of Representation

As none-Dutch passport holder, you can only apply for the informal ship registration ICP when you appoint an entity such as Lorrendraaier, as your representative. You will therefore need to fill-in, sign and scan or photograph the Declaration of Representation (Form A2).

Hereto, make sure that your contact details correspond with those you filled-in in the Registration Form A1.


Step -4-  Check and Register

Your application, all documents and forms are checked. If and when all is complete, we will actually register the ICP with the appropriate authorities.

Once the issuing authorities also found that the application is in order, the ICP document will be issued and your boat has been registered in the Netherlands.





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