Naturally every flag state will have their distinct advantages over others. It can be tax incentives, like Malta and Madeira offer, or reputation and efficiency like that of the Netherlands.


The Dutch ships register has some distinct advantages over other flag states, which make it an interesting and cost effective flag to sail under.


Ship registration in the Netherlands is particularly interesting and attractive for Commercial Cruising Vessels and Pleasure Crafts for the following reasons :

  • the Dutch flag is in the top of the “White List” ranking of Paris MoU
  • the Netherlands is a strong maritime nation
  • the registration process can be as short as 1 to 2 months
  • the vessel is not only brand marked but also micro-dotted
  • for pleasure crafts there are no annual, or periodical, inspection requirements
  • the annual costs are considerably lower than that of any other nation
  • no formal licence, like that of Yachtmaster, is required for pleasure crafts


In the Netherlands the ships registration is organised efficiently and bureaucracy is an unknown factor.


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