Ship station licence in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands a ship station licence can only be issued to vessels that :

  • primarily sail the Dutch waters
  • sail international waters when registered in the formal Dutch ships register


When the boat does meet any of the above criteria, one can not apply for the ship station licence.


The ship station licence of the Netherlands consists of a :

  • Call Sign number
  • ATIS number
  • MMSI number


The ship station licence is issued by the Telecom Agency,  a department of the Dutch Ministry of Economicalaffairs.


Note that since a few years the ship station licence has to be maintained, meaning that an annual user tax is imposed by the Telecom Agency. If one no longer has any need of the issued ship station licence, the Telecom Agency will have to be informed accordingly before the end of the calendar year. If not cancelled in time, the taxes will nevertheless have to be paid.





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