Managing the ICP

Managing the ICP (International Certificate for Pleasure Craft)?


A very common and understandable question is why the ICP actually needs managing once it is issued.


The answer is fairly simple, and once you think about it, also logical.


When your boat has an ICP, you will also have an entity that represents you in the Netherlands, a company like Lorrendraaier. As your representative, Lorrendraaier also acts as your ship manager, which means that :


  • a new ICP is arranged when the document gets physically damaged, lost or stolen
  • a new ICP is arranged when changes have taken place such as, for example, the replacement of an engine
  • a new ICP is arranged in case of change of ownership
  • a new ICP is arranged because it needs to be renewed after two years
  • the ICP is cancelled when you sell your boat or the boat is registered elsewhere





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