The time required for registration of a pleasure craft shorter or longer than 24 meters, for a large part depends on the owner of the boat.


What are the two factors that determine the pace of registration? Very simply, first of all if all required documentation meet the requirements. For example whether the tonnage certificate is issued by any of the approved classification societies.


Secondly, is the boat available for inspection? If a boat is not branded, the Kadaster will have to physically inspect the vessel and apply a branding mark and microdots.


This does not require that the boat be in the Netherlands, as the inspector of the Kadaster will apply the branding in the harbour of choice, whether this be Paramaribo in Suriname or Naples in Italy.


In case all documents are exactly as required and an appoint can be made on a very short term to have the boat branded, the whole procedure can take as less as one to two months.




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25th April 2020 at 3:03

I have sailing yacht Dominica flagged .
I am Serbian citizen.EU VAT isn’t paid.
Can you register my boat in Holland ?
Best regards

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30th April 2020 at 16:21

In principle you can not register your vessel in the Dutch ships registrar, if you do not have an EU or EFTA issued passport.