Can I commercially exploit my privately owned yacht?

A more than common question is whether a company or privately owned yacht, may be commercial exploited.


Common commercial activities are offering the vessels for charter purposes through third parties such as, or Airbnb if offered for the purpose of accommodation alone.


When the sailing- or motorboat is registered as a none-commercial vessel  the owner is permitted to commercially exploit the boat. But under no circumstances may a boat be offered with a professional crew included.


In practise, if a sailing-boat is rented out to private individuals,  the passengers will have to sail the boat themselves, provided that they have the appropriate sailing licence to operate the vessel.


In case you exploit your boat for charter purposes and you do so including a professional crew, then you will need a commercial registration.


The commercial registration is no piece of cake and does ask a lot. For example : the length of your boat and the number of passengers, will determine whether the vessel will have to be classified or not.

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